Hoy Law Firm Holding Insurance Responsible

Holding Your Insurance Company Accountable To The Terms Of Your Policy

When you pay your insurance premiums, you have a right to expect your insurance company to be there if you have a claim. In many cases, however, insurance companies will arbitrarily deny legitimate claims simply to avoid the expense. Many people make the mistake of taking the insurance company at its word and cover the losses themselves, which only lets the insurance company off the hook for its obligations.

Don't take the insurance company at its word if you believe your claim has been unfairly denied; contact Hoy Trial Lawyers today. We have the litigation skills and in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry to represent victims of bad faith tactics by insurance carriers.

Know Your Rights Under Your Insurance Policy

It's a common scenario: You buy insurance for a particular need, get the policy and don't think about it again until you file a claim. You call the insurance company about the loss and receive a reply that indicates your policy doesn't cover it. Not having reviewed the policy in detail, you think it's strange, but you accept the explanation. After all, the insurance company wouldn't lie, right?

We believe that insurance companies are deceptive. They don't treat you like you are a "good neighbor," they are not "on your side," and you will never feel like you are "in good hands." Insurance company representatives are friendly but aim to protect the company profits. You are not their investment!

Unfortunately, denying claims is business as usual for most insurance companies — even claims that are clearly covered under your policy. Our attorneys are highly skilled at the review and interpretation of insurance policies. We know where to find the terms that address your claim and present them to the court in a way that clearly shows the insurance company's responsibility for your loss.

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We have experience with bad faith claims involving all types of policies, including:
  • Health insurance: Many health insurance companies dispute claims based on many technicalities. We will work to establish the insurance company's responsibility and seek the full level of recovery available through your policy.
  • Disability insurance: Many disability insurance companies are willing to pay only for a certain period of time. We will hold them to the terms of the policy and seek the full benefit on your behalf.
  • Medical payments under your auto insurance: If you suffer an injury in an auto accident, your insurance company has an obligation to cover your medical expenses under your medical payments coverage and seek reimbursement from the at-fault party's insurance. Do not let anyone tell you that you need to go through your health insurance first. We will work to ensure that any medical bills arising from your accident are covered under the coverage you paid a premium for.

Talk To Our Law Firm About Your Bad Faith Insurance Claim

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