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Sioux Falls, SD Personal Injury Law Firm
Hoy Trial Lawyers, Prof. LLC
As personal injury lawyers, we understand that you have many questions regarding your case. Questions like, why did this happen and when will things get better? In the criminal context, many questions arise, such as, how do I make the best out of a bad situation? Here at Hoy Trial Lawyers, Prof. LLC, we will work hard to answer these questions on your behalf in and out of court.
We have more than 150 years of combined personal injury experience – and representing people is all we do. Whether you are injured or charged with a crime, we are here to help.
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In a civil case, you pay nothing unless your case is won. If you choose us as your law firm, we will collect and investigate records, and will communicate with your medical professionals. In a criminal case, you will be expected to pay a reasonable retainer. If you choose us as your law firm, we will collect all police reports and communicate with the prosecutors in order to properly handle your case and protect your rights.

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